Gear Repair

Our unique style of rebuilding, reconditioning and recutting on all types of gears. We can rebuild gears when they have broken, chips or even worn out teeth, by building the teeth back to size and re-cutting them or rehobbing them. We also rebuild pumps, infilers, shafts, rolls, compressor blowers, stone crushing combs, rolls for grinding, rings, hammer, and all other types of machinery. We also can manufacture all types of new gears. All work is Guaranteed. See Guarantee & Turnaround For fast dependable service please Contact us.

Advanced Heading

All Makes, Types, and Models High and Low Speed

Advanced Heading

And Gears used in dredging, cast steel, cast iron, bronze, steel gears, brass gears, worn gears, external and internal gears.

Worn out or broken Gears are not scrap, we can save them. Broken teeth, worn out, chipped or cracked. We rebuild them back up to original size and we also do Gear hobbing and cutting new gears when needed.

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